Questions Anew Over Entrance Plan

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I attended the entrance meeting and had a hard time understanding how the Christoph plan apparently had reached consensus (outside of Village Laguna followers). Another point, no real dollar amount was offered to help guide some of the ideas.  From last week’s letters to editors there was some dissent to the concept.

What if we spent the dollars on something that has a more long-term benefit to those of us who live and pay taxes here.

What about creating a system to catch rainwater for future use?  I watch helplessly as water runs down our streets – the grates over gutters just let leaves and other debris go into the ocean. The cute expensive ceramic signs at such catchments do not really do much as folks still push debris from their driveways into the street. How about solving parking issues without closing down the library or other such extreme ideas as was presented at a previous meeting.  Perhaps other readers have suggestions for spending unknown dollars.

Maybe we are in need of a prettier entrance, but my conversations with bicyclists did not indicate that they would be stopping to shop or eat as they are sweating in bicycle gear and that is the last thing on their minds. Most avoid the path on Glenneyre. How many bicyclists have you seen using it?

So not sure what type of cyclists stores and restaurants are expecting, but it is not going to be locals either. Most people will not be walking down from Top of the World, Arch Beach Heights, Temple Hills, or even South Laguna to enjoy stores and restaurants.

Bottom line, who came up with this concept and is it realistic for the limited geographic area of Laguna Beach proper, its terrain, and its limited parking, which is the biggest complaint with locals and tourists.


Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach

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