REACHing Out to Others: A creative project assists needy families

Russell Thomas makes a $170 donation, a months long recycling effort.

Thurston Middle School eighth-grader student Russell Thomas looked for a bar mitzvah project that would impact families where he lived and find a way to give back. He came up with REACH (Recycling to Enhance and Aid Children’s Homes).

Russell connected with Resources In Motion, which brings services and resources to isolated communities, including monthly visits to Laguna’s Boys and Girls Club. An outfitted recreational vehicle provides space for staff to provide services including outreach, classes, counseling and insurance application assistance.

To support the program, Russell collected recyclables from his neighborhood and planned to donate the proceeds to support basic needs items for families with young children.  He began in March. On Aug. 9, Russell presented $170 to staff at a RIM outreach event, results of 35,000 recycled bottles and cans.

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