Reception Set for Muralist


Art Miles Mural Project unveils the Fitz Maurice segment of the Manhattan Memorial Mural at a public reception from 6:30 to 9 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 15, at the Old Pottery Place, 1200 S. Coast Highway.

The reception will include refreshments, spoken word poetry performances, and a guest appearance by Donald Suxho of the U.S. Men’s Olympic volleyball team.

For more information, call project coordinator Laurie Brooks at 949-842-1643.

Photo: Fitz Maurice

Offering Insights into a Museum Exhibit

Laguna Art Museum will host curator and scholar Dr. Susan Landauer on Jan.  22, at 1 p.m. for a lecture on artist John Paul Jones, a longtime Laguna Beach resident and whose art is part of a group exhibit at the museum through Jan. 23.

Landauer is an American Art writer who contributed an essay for the book “John Paul Jones: The Pursuit of Beauty’s Perfect Proof,” which accompanies the exhibition.

Sampling a Chinese Icon

Mandarin Fine Art Gallery will host a Chinese tea ceremony from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Jan 16, led by Linda Louie, owner of Bana Tea Company, a lifelong tea enthusiast and student of tea culture.

Louie, who has traveled extensively throughout the Pu-erh producing regions in China in her quest to find the finest teas, said the Chinese tea ceremony places the emphasis on the tea, its taste, its smell and how it compares to the previous tea.

During the ceremony, Louie will provide insight into various teas, offer samples and share her knowledge and experiences in pursuit of some of the world’s finest teas.

Since seating is limited at 1294 S. Coast Highway and interested individuals should RSVP to 949-376-9608.

Pacific Edge Hosts Group Show

Pacific Edge Gallery, 540 S. Coast Highway, is currently exhibiting paintings by featured local artists Maria Bertran, Tom Swimm, Sandra Jones Campbell, and Brenda K. Bredvik, as well the art of John Lennon.

The show will continue through Feb. 25

Maria Bertran’s “Door of Shadows” at Pacific Edge

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