Relay for Life’s Queen Reigns Over Battle Against Cancer

Julie Pendleton

Laguna Beach residents will once again converge on the El Morro Elementary School field for the 10th annual Relay for Life fundraiser on Aug. 6 and 7.

When longtime Laguna Beach resident and speech pathologist Julie Pendleton was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she chose to remain positive. Last year, Pendleton went to the emergency room thinking she had appendicitis, only to discover she had a tumor so large her abdominal pain was actually caused by the pressure the tumor was placing on her organs.

Pendleton had not had any previous symptoms, and had been routinely visiting her doctor for high blood pressure, but unfortunately the tumor went undetected. By the time her doctors had discovered the tumor, the stage four ovarian cancer had already spread to her lung. Pendleton underwent chemotherapy and surgery to remove one of her lungs.

Since then, she has continued with her chemotherapy treatments and is now cancer free. Despite the physical and emotional challenges that cancer survivors often face, Pendleton strongly believes that keeping a positive attitude can make a big difference. Pendleton’s own experience with cancer inspired her to get involved with the Laguna Beach Relay for Life fundraiser, which not only raises money for the American Cancer Society to support cancer research and treatment, but can be a source of support for cancer survivors, those still fighting the disease and the caregivers who devote themselves to help cancer patients.

“Relay for Life is an important family and community event that can reach every person, from all walks of life. Everyone is affected by cancer and Relay for Life is the perfect way for communities to engage, come together and raise awareness in a relaxed and easy-going environment,” said Pendleton. 

As of July 13, 22 teams and 118 participants have registered for this year’s Relay for Life event and $14,680 has been raised.

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