School Power’s Lumberyard Chef Challenge Crowns Winner


What do you get when you take two dedicated principals, give them each a gourmet menu, have it prepared by master chef, Armando Ortega, and then ask school supporters to vote for a winner? SchoolPower’s 2nd annual Lumberyard Chef Challenge!

For the second consecutive year, Thurston principal, Dr. Joanne Culverhouse’s “surf “ inspired menu, defeated LBHS principal, Dr. Don Austin’s “turf” inspired menu, but only by eight votes.

Austin said, “I believe the ballot counters failed to examine each form to determine the ‘intent’ of the voter. Next year I intend to hire a PR firm. I also plan to spend the year slandering Dr. Culverhouse.”

Culverhouse thanked the Lumberyard restaurant for their support and declared her intention to win next year’s event where she will be, “Going for the triple crown!”

Raising $8300 for Laguna’s schools, this fundraiser has become a much-anticipated social event due, in no small part, to the charisma of the two challengers, Dr. Culverhouse and Dr. Austin. Lumberyard owners, Suzanne and Cary Redfearn, who host the event, are also the creative minds behind it. SchoolPower vice-president, Marcus Skenderian, applauded the Redfearns, saying, “This event is a great example of a local business embracing our schools and, as a result, having a very strong impact on the community as a whole.”

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