Seeing Under the Sea


Nearly all of the tidepools in Laguna Beach are a state protected habitat. Though there’s no touching or taking allowed, plenty of unusual creatures make their homes in Laguna’s intertidal zone.

It’s a matter of the more you look, the more you see.  The tidepool creatures are a special breed, colorful and unusual and well-adapted to a fragile yet tumultuous habitat with sometimes extremes in high and low tides, rough waves and stormy seas.

On Jan. 1, nearly the entire coastline of Laguna Beach became a Marine Life Protected Area and will remain a no-take zone, including all types of fishing and lobster-trapping, for at least five years.  Even though lobster season opened on Oct. 1, lobster boats, as well as all fishing boats, must stay at least three miles out from from Abalone Point to Seacliff Drive, most of Laguna Beach’s coastline.

Local photographer and diver Sandy Dildine, who captured these underwater native beauties along Laguna’s coastline, says the electric blue and orange juvenile garibaldi will be visible for the next few weeks. So come to appreciate and admire the variety and uniqueness of Laguna Beach’s tidepools.


Photos by Sandy Dildine

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