The Seafaring Life


From Laguna Beach’s shoreline last Friday, residents caught a glimpse of unusual ships under sail on a southern heading and making for Dana Point’s headland.

Hundreds of other landlubbers flocked to Dana Point’s harbor over the weekend to get a closer view of a small fleet of visiting tall ships and schooners and a glimmer of maritime history during the annual Tallship Festival.

A threatening thunderstorm forced cancellation of a mock cannon battle at sea on Sunday. But Saturday’s crowds were lucky enough to board the ships that paraded out of the harbor and witness crews unfurling yards of sail to engage faux enemies from the water. An equally admiring audience lined the jetty to watch the action onshore.

On land, visitors could experience living-history encampments that included costumed blacksmiths, sword fighters, rope work and sea chantey singers.

Only the rum was missing.

Photos by Jim Collins and Andrea Adelson




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