Who Shapes Laguna’s Contours?


Who do you know that pulls the strings in Laguna Beach?

Last year, Laguna Beach Magazine profiled 25 of the city’s most influential people. The editors aim to replicate that feat, sharing with readers profiles of a new set of kingmakers, trendsetters and tastemakers in an upcoming edition. Some of you griped about the previous year’s selections. Here’s your chance to change the score.

Please submit your nomination, an explanation as to why the individual should be considered and their contact information to [email protected].

So as to avoid replication, here’s the list of the most-influential selected last year: Bob McKnight, Karyn Phillippsen, Ann Christoph, Peter Blake, Kelly Boyd, Mark Orgill and Dora Wexell, Robert Hayden, Allan Simon, Mark Christy, Hans Rey, Bob Whalen, Troy Lee, Jon Rose, Lou and Laura Rohl, Toni Iseman, Sharbie Higuchi, Paul Naude, Derek Ostensen, Arnold Hano, Chris Keller, Chip McDermott, Joe Hanauer, Sam Goldstein, Alan Fuerstman, Greg MacGillivray, Marcus Skenderian, Joanne Culverhouse and Dave Vanderveen.



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