Short-Term Rentals May Ruin Peaceful Charm



It is outrageous even to consider granting permission for short-term rentals of private property in Laguna Beach zoned for residential use.

Even condominium owners in destination cities like Scottsdale are not permitted to provide short-term use of their property, and this rule is rigidly enforced.

We have already heard and read the stories of loud early morning parties held by short-term renters of property in residential areas of the town. Cars of non-residents zoom through quiet residential streets on their way to and from these parties.

Is this desired by ordinary residents? Laguna has a plenitude of hotels and motels to accommodate visitors. Nothing will ruin the peaceful charm and appeal of Laguna Beach more rapidly than this ceaseless emphasis on attracting more and more tourist dollars into the city.


Manfred E.  Wolff, Laguna Beach


  1. Agree. As homeowners we pay millions to own a home in Laguna Beach, and tens of thousands in property taxes. We bought homes in residential zoned neighborhoods. If we wanted a party we’d live in Newport Beach on the Peninsula. Long term rentals are acceptable, not two or three day rentals.

  2. I think that there is a big difference between un-attended short-term rentals and home sharing. The city council wisely recognized this based on the overwhelming resident input during the public hearing in November. There are hundreds of cities in the US including San Francisco, Mendocino, Tampa, Memphis, etc. where home-sharing is supported. This week’s article from Billy Fried makes a lot of good points about this debate.


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