Software Helps Schools Consume Less Power

From left, the district’s facilities and technology directors, Ted Doughty, Jr. and Victor Guthrie, respectively, are curbing costly power use.

Nearly 1,400 computers and laptops are currently in use throughout Laguna’s public schools, about twice as many machines plugged in than in 2005, says Chief Technology Officer Victor Guthrie.

Since the technological inventory is expected to continue to climb, the district is working on ways to contain its power consumption, Guthrie said.

One way is replacing old gear with Energy Star certified substitutes. Adjusting computers to hibernate or automatically turn off after school are other options. The latter involves the installation of power manager software, which can remotely communicate with the computers, Guthrie said.

“This software will save energy, while potentially extending the life of our district’s computers,” he said, adding that the software’s cost was offset through rebates offered by Edison.

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