Speak Up for Local Transit Service



When our Laguna Beach High School is in session, students from all over town take the blue and white Laguna Transit buses, which travel up Legion Street to drop off and pickup in the morning and afternoon, directly across from the high school.

These buses, the 20 plus trolleys and their wonderful drivers, are subsidized by generous cash grants to the city. The funds come from Measure M, voted on and passed by the citizens of O.C., which gives O.C.T.A. sales tax money for buses, Metrolink, freeway and street improvements.

Our aging blue and white buses go north through the hills and to Heisler Park, south to beautiful Salt Creek Park and the Ritz Carlton, making stops at the front doors of CVS, the market nearby and Mission Hospital. Other routes include Top of the World, Bluebird Canyon and Arch Beach Heights. They run six days a week from morning to late afternoon.

Visitors ride them to sightsee, along with young people going from beach to beach, maids and other workers employed in homes and businesses, and residents who live up in the hills and close to Coast Highway.

The big question is would city hall like to get rid of them? Actually I think the city has been wanting to get rid of them for years. If you ride and appreciate the Laguna Transit blue and white buses, now is the time to contact the city council member you can communicate with and tell them to save the blue and white buses, repair or replace them so there are not so many breakdowns and keep them running north and south and up into our hills and canyons.

Roger Carter, Laguna Beach



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