Story’s Portrayal is Incomplete




The descriptions of the actions of the Laguna Relief and Resource Center and Don Campbell (“Coping With Two Losses,” Oct. 14 edition) as: “questionable diversion”;  “non-compliance”; “illicit activities”; and “acknowledged” are loaded and apparently not been confirmed by anyone.


The operation of the LRRC Food Bank/Pantry has been overseen continuously by the LRRC Board of Directors – people of stature in Laguna. We have not heard from them yet. Why not? Facts of the management of the program are largely ignored in this piece. Your readers would have been better served if the reporter had spoken with a few more people, developed a few more facts, and worked a little harder. There is plenty more to be learned.


Don Campbell is one of the finest people among us. His work in the LRRC free food program has been self-less. He is worthy of our admiration. Life for all of us – wealthy, low income, homeless, sheltered – is made better by what Don is doing.


We thank him.


Ann Richardson, Laguna Beach

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