Student Singers and Musicians Perform to Full House

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Tuesday (Dec. 13) night at the Artist’s Theatre Mr. Jeremy Chung presented a flawless high school instrumental concert. All the music the bands played was presented with perfection. The music was difficult and the bands responded with perfection. Christmas songs were presented and a heart-felt presentation of “Amazing Grace” dedicated to everyone’s favorite jazz teacher, Roger Shew, who had died last year. The feeling by all in the band as well as the audience was reverent and heart felt. The new jazz band teacher, Mr. Matt Witek, presented the well-known “Caravan” as one of his selections by the new LBHS Jazz Band. The quickly growing string orchestra presented four numbers of their own directed by Chung with musical enthusiasm too.

Then Roxanna Ward, choral music teacher, presented her choral music performances by the Thurston Middle School Singers, a newly formed combination group of singers and “wheel” program actors, who presented six songs that were so well executed that the 40 member group sounded as if they were all middle school professional singers. The soloist was outstanding with her exquisite performance. The audience loved it!

Roxanna is such a pro that she knows exactly how to program singers of any age and have them sing as professionals. These Thurston singers were followed by the 30-member LBHS Choir. There were professional sounding soloists again and Roxanna proudly called attention to her male singers. One soloist presented a wonderful selection. As Roxanna praised her to the audience, the student said jokingly that her family is tired of hearing her sing her solo and any other song that comes into her head. All lovely and the beginning stages of a wonderful star to be!

The self-confidence that Roxanna is able to instill in her singers is a joy to behold and a wonderful gift that she shares with all our children. The joy of music with all of its skills is always her goal and it works!

A special thanks to the LBHS school district who provides our children with an abundance of music classes throughout the school day. Thank you.


Carol Reynolds, Laguna Beach


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