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My father, an ex-senator and attorney from Texas, was visiting me for the first time since I moved to California. I wanted to drive down Laguna Canyon Road to show him the artist’s areas such as the Sawdust Festival, Pageant of the Masters, and the village of Laguna Beach.

His comment as we were on Laguna Canyon Road near the proposed artist live work site was “it’s a dump.” He pointed out all the many ugly buildings, old unkempt houses and undeveloped abandoned looking properties along the road. There really are a lot of eyesores along Laguna Canyon Road and it’s time to add fresh, new, and well-thought out buildings along the road into the village.

The artist work live buildings will be beautiful and something to be proud of. We will want to point it out to visitors and brag about how artists live and work there as a community. The size and scale do fit the area on the two parcels of land zoned for this type of structure. It is beautifully designed and landscaped and will be good for the community.

It’s time to support a development that will enhance the area, that is both beautiful and functional, and that works for the community of artists and for the city of Laguna Beach.

Stacy Santiesteban, Newport Beach




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