Support for an Overdue Investment


How many years does it take for a world-renowned artist colony to build a village entrance? You know, that inviting reminder to her tourists that support the very existence of its attraction and the revenue brought in to our town.

Neighboring communities such as Dana Point built a bridge that goes from an empty lot to a Denny’s. Now Newport has one of those bridges that take one nowhere also. Not to mention the millions of dollars Santa Ana invested in their art projects over the past five years.

This may inspire our leaders to take this project seriously for our tourists, our artists, and our towns’ people to maneuver easily, delight in all of our festivals, and give a little homage to the artists during summer’s festival season and beyond.

The artists who live here should be a constant reminder, yet it seems most of us are scrambling to make a living in one of the world’s most expensive real estate markets.  I think it’s time to take this project seriously while its on the table again.

Let’s come together for the arts and support a long overdue investment into the future of our lovely livelihood.

What are we waiting for?

Karen Petty, Laguna Beach

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