Taking to Task Some Eucalyptus Fans

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Did you hear about the emperor’s new clothes? Well, now dead trees can be resurrected. Apparently some people are hiring folks who say that by injecting into the bark of your dead/dying trees a special formula your tree will come back to life. Don’t know how many shots, how long it will take, cost, nor if tree will never die again.  Sounds like a really lucrative business.

We know of at least 50 or more trees on private property and have been told that some of these are under the “doctor’s care”. Given that the drought is unlikely to end this year, given that most of the dead trees are eucalyptus. Trees that drink more than their fair share of underground water to the demise of other vegetation, their reputation for heavy concentration of oil (fire), shallow root structure, and the vulnerability of our town – few roads out, close proximity to each other’s homes, and the eucalyptus put on a semi-god status by a small group of people, I would say we would be lucky if we survive many more years without another devastating fire.

I have suggested in the past that Village Laguna put all of their earnings from their Charm House Tour and other events and purchase a liability policy since it is this group we have to thank for the roadblock to create a more safe environment for our city.  I think it better than trying to promote their candidate to city council. I know that they would like to have more strength in city council to ensure their ideas on how our city should look, how we should live and think.

I know who I am voting for this election year, do you?


Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach

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  1. The eucalyptus trees?

    That’s almost blaming and inanimate object.

    It not like they’re planting hundred’s upon Hundred’s in and around the county…. Like we’re in some tropical paradise . Yes they burn yes they are messy but so is and so does your house. There are problem ones, but not all are a problem…

    There are more things that are a danger to your’s and mine exsistance, like other people that throw burning objects from their car, or running into power poles. I think we have other things to worry about like mosquitoes, you know eucalyptus oil is a mosquito repellant?

  2. Yes, let’s stop “them” from electing officials who promote their views, and elect officials who promote our views.

    Hopefully our officials will push for a complete deforestation of all eucalyptus trees in Laguna Beach.


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