Throwing Down a Contest for Skimmers

Tyler Cruickshank, winner of the advanced division in this past weekend’s event. Photos by Kyle Ortiz

Despite near perfect shoreline conditions for skimboarding in Laguna Beach, the town lacks frequent skim competitions, save for the large annual Victoria contest at Aliso Beach.

Skim boarders Paulo Prietto and Steve Taylor decided to remedy the situation by organizing some informal contests to gather those with a love for the sport and involve competitors in less stressful contests. The first of three contests, called the Green Eggs and Am Trifecta, took place last weekend at Ninth Street Beach; a second is planned for West Street Beach on March 12, and a third at Balboa’s A Street on March 19, both beginning at 9 a.m. Competitors are due in by 8:30.

Former Green Eggs and Am winner Blair Conklin, who recently turned professional. There will be an award given in honor of Blair's grandfather Barry Brief at the final event.

“There is a huge lack of skimboarding events in the Laguna Beach and surrounding areas, and it’s a true shame as Laguna Beach is known to be the mecca of skimboarding for the entire world,” Taylor said.

Prietto, whose success at winning local contests also won him many sponsors, tapped those surf and skim gear makers, which contributed prizes for their Green Eggs contest. Sponsors included Exile Skimboards, Extreme Outdoor Supply, Monkey Business, Rvca, and Etnies.

Rasta Taco is on board for the upcoming event, and Main Street Surf Shop for the final, Taylor said.

“Our event is meant to get the younger skimboarders stoked and involved in the skimboarding scene,” he said. “It also shows them that they have elders that care about them, and want to see them reach their full potential.”

Aside from awards based on division and skill level, the pair also hand out awards for camaraderie and sportsmanship, Taylor said. “We have support of parents as well as the youth involved in these events, and hope to continue to give the local youth community as many opportunities to gather at the beaches as we can.”

Results from Ninth Street:

Beginner (Loraxes)

1. Rocket Klein

2. Jake Levine

3. Blake Burzell

4. Joey Bookout

Intermediate (Sneeches)

1. Colton Gagel

2. Derek Ledesma

3. Grant Noble

4. Morgan Curry

Advanced (Grinches)

1. Tyler Cruickshank

2. Travis Sampson

3. Johnny Salta

4. Bryan Russak

Below, a video from a previous Green Eggs and Am event last year.

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