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Team Awards – Boys Track

Coaches Award: Michael Gabriel Sivetts, Andrew Couse, Drake Butler, Brody Seebass

Eric Hulst Award, Liam Corrigan; Throws MVP, Nathan Wylie; Sprint/Hurdles MVP, Charles Warner; Distance MVP, Cameron Zuziak; Jumps MVP, Charles Warner

Coach Scott Wittkop will step down after eight seasons and five league titles as the head boys track coach. Breakers were edged out this year for the conference title by three points. Wittkop was 31-4-1 in league dual meets.


Team Awards – Girls Track

Coaches Award: Ellie Glade, Amy Hewlett, Rose Niermeijer, Kendal House

Eric Hulst Award, Amy Hewlett; Throws MVP, Jackie Cenan; Sprint/Hurdles MVP, Coco Putnam; Distance MVP, Pearl Shoemaker; Jumps MVP, Rose Niermeijer


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