Unclear Undercurrent in Candidate’s Statement



I was surprised by Rob Zur Schmiede’s letter in the Sept. 19 issue of the Indy distancing himself from Village Laguna’s endorsement.

Earlier in September, Rob participated in the Village Laguna candidates’ forum. At a members’ meeting after that forum, as has been done in past years, the organization endorsed candidates they feel best represented their views. This is a standard procedure for many groups.

I have no problem with Rob stating that he is running as an independent, non-partisan candidate, and with him reiterating that fact publicly. However, the overly harsh tone of his letter leads me to think there is more here than that. Does Rob feel the need to reassure other groups in town that he has nothing to do with Village Laguna? Is he telling me that any supporter of Toni cannot be a supporter of his campaign? Ultimately, is he is telling me that he doesn’t want my support and vote? The candidate “doth protest too much, methinks.”


Anne Frank, Laguna Beach

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