Madison Proves Unfit for Office



Jon Madison is a likable character, but his misrepresentation of academic and professional accomplishments, his repeated and flippant denials, and his never-ending attempts to portray himself as a victim, clearly show that he is unfit to occupy a position of public trust and responsibility.

Mr. Madison was apparently happy to bask in the reflected glory of unearned accomplishments, but is now unwilling to face the consequences of living in his fabricated world.

It is neither character assassination nor a smear campaign for journalists to report facts about a public figure. Nor is the negative attention now focused on Mr. Madison the result of identity theft, clerical errors, university records departments’ mistakes, or other cruel twists of fate as Mr. Madison would like voters to believe. This is a situation Mr. Madison created by trying to portray himself as something he is not. The fact that he does not believe that any of this controversy is relevant to his candidacy is even more troubling.

In terms of qualifications for office, it truly does not matter whether he holds the masters, Ph.D. and law degrees he claims to have, but it matters greatly that he lied about earning them.

It is revealing and alarming that Jon boasts, “I sleep like a baby.”  Jon, you should be tossing and turning. You should be distraught, chagrined and remorseful. You should admit the truth, apologize, and ask for forgiveness. The Laguna Beach community likes you, is very compassionate and will extend its forgiveness.  But the community shouldn’t reward you with an elected office.

No matter how much one may like Jon personally, or how much one may pity him for the insecurity, feelings of inadequacy, or whatever else it is that caused him to invent these lofty non-accomplishments, compassion and fondness cannot prevail over rational thought and good sense. Representative democracy works very poorly when elected officials have no regard for the truth, no conscience, and no willingness to take responsibility for their actions.


Brad Frazier, Laguna Beach


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