Undergrounding and or Village Entrance?


Both of these possible projects are important to residents of Laguna Beach. Which one do you feel is the most important? City-wide undergrounding of utilities or the village entrance park and parking structure.

If Laguna Beach city government is gong to spend $30 to $50 million dollars on a new village entrance park and parking structure, the residents should be able to vote on it. Do you want a new village entrance park? What size parking area do you feel we need? 200?  400? 600?

On a OCTA bus years ago former mayor Charlie Boyd told me concerns regarding city government have always been debated between the residents and the merchants.

It’s time to ask ourselves if we really want more visitors or less. Do we really need a fourth of July fireworks show? Do we need the ABC, Channel 7 TV camera on the roof of the Hotel Laguna? Do we need a 500 plus car parking garage?

As Arnold Hano said at the most recent city council meeting, do we need city-wide undergrounding of utilities?

Its time the residents of Laguna Beach spoke up. Build it and they will come. Like a small town in New Mexico, maybe what we need is a committee, not necessarily part of city government, to determine ways we can attract less people, not more.


Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

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