Vacation Tales


Take the Indy on the road and be sure to send us a photo from your favorite landmark along the way.


Sandra Gibson visits a hippo pool in Tanzania’s Serengeti. Taking her photo was  tour companion Sheila Judah.


Jane Bening, center, and daughters Marisa and Kim at the Mayflower II, in Plymouth, Mass.


Former resident Marsha Daniels, now of Los Osos, left, and local realtor Patty Truman, take a stroll along California’s north coast earlier this year.


Karen Redding and Ed Kaufman spent spring break visiting with a member of the Chin tribe in northwest Myanmar. Many of the elder women have tattooed faces.

Easter Island

From left, locals Patti Ohslund, Dee Perry and Patti Jo Kiraly recently returned from Easter Island, or Rapa Nui to natives.


Moscow’s St. Basil Cathedral serves as the backdrop for Bob and Pam Feldman, who conduct tours to Russia every year. Bob is a retired Russia history professor from Cal State Fullerton.

Camelback Mountain

Local Marlene Hahn, right, and part time resident Susan Giusto atop Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Ariz.,  in February.

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