Views Disappear Along With Civility

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I regularly read letters to the editor and particularly feel the on-going frustration of Dave Connell when he writes of view preservation and negotiations with thoughtless neighbors (“Plant a Tree, Block a View,” May 6).

Recently we have fallen victim to a neighbor who has insisted on an “architectural feature” which blocks our view of the Long Beach lights and partial ocean view that we have enjoyed and treasured for the 16 years we have lived here.

I have listened to the exasperation of three of our neighbors whose ocean views have been obliterated by this “roofline feature” and new landscaping that is growing daily to take more views away. Talks with the rebuilding neighbor have shown a total lack of concern for the four home views that they have willingly taken away from us.

Probably the most frustrating part has been that in a neighborhood where neighbors have traditionally worked together to solve problems, this time a family newer to Laguna couldn’t care less about the impact they have had taking away things their neighbors treasure.

Despite the fact that some minor changes could make the remodel work for them and for the four homes impacted, they are unwilling to modify their plans in any way. I guess we can do nothing about it except to write this letter to the editor.

So Dave Connell, please continue the fight for view preservation. Thanks for representing so many of us who have been directly impacted by choices others have made without concern for their neighbors.

Jan Fritsen, Laguna Beach

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