Village Laguna Critic Piles On



So sorry, Mrs. Felder, president of Village Laguna, but I have heard worse perceptions of your group from many, many people in our town.  They refer to the Heritage Committee and the issue with hostile takeover of property with or without a homeowner’s knowledge or approval, issue with dead or dying trees and removal thereof, the worshiping of eucalyptus trees and making our city vulnerable to another 1993 fire, the destroying or framing (whatever you want to call it) of views with trees, your blatant use of a 501©3 over the years to raise money for your candidates, which included a brief time as a political action committee which is what you truly are, and now a mutual benefit corporation, non profit.

For first time you admit on your website that you use your profits from Charm House Tour for such purposes, but do not say so on your brochures or in your advertising, your coziness with city officials including city council members and the many folks from your group that somehow get placed into positions of weight on the various committees in our town – and using this vehicle to run the city.

The article you refer to – many read it as a humorous attempt to get sarcasm across about how you are perceived.

May I suggest that your group tone it down and stop meddling in so many areas of our community – from school board and up – you are not representing a large majority of the rest of our citizens – new and long time residents.  Your husband found this out when he tried in the ‘90s to merge our Laguna Art Museum with the Newport Beach museum; we lost control of some significant art pieces and more.  What a fiasco that was.


Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach

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  1. Well penned Ganka, sometimes the truth stings… Laguna has long been been handcuffed by vocal minorities and continues to this day, to be a second-rate city with really nice views.


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