Welcome to the Wildlands of Laguna Beach



We are canyon people. Laguna is a town of canyons. Luckily I’ve lived in four of our many canyons – Diamond, Laguna, Bluebird and Hobo.

My canyon experiences have taught me that raccoons rule, especially in Hobo (behind Ruby’s in mobile home park) and Bluebird where I’m sure they still check the trash cans nightly.

In Hobo, I had a bird feeder outside my bedroom window and the variety of birds always amazed me and how quickly they returned after the feeder was empty and refilled with seeds.

At the end of Diamond Street, the canyon was frequented, especially in the summer with deer and I saw the biggest snake I have ever seen 40 feet from my apartment in the numerous succulents I planted while I lived there. We put water out for the deer and I had a wonderful cat named Naomi.

Laguna Canyon’s creek offered the constant sound of toads and other wild life and on some wet nights, you could hear the thousands of watts of electricity traveling west on the high poles making a snapping sound on their way to the transmission yard.

Laguna Beach is a wild, wonderful place.  We are lucky to live here.

Roger Carter, Laguna Beach


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