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Time to Make New Choices

By Susan McNeal Velasquez
By Susan McNeal Velasquez

Intuition has gotten a bum rap over the years. Contrary to popular belief, intuition isn’t a soft, new-age skill.

It has a long tradition of consistent use in philosophy, mathematics, business, psy­chology, engineering, linguistics, music, literature, religion, and science.

According to the Random House Dictionary of the English Language, intuition is “direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process.” Another definition from the same dictionary refers to intuition as “a keen and quick insight”.

Philosophers, such as Immanual Kant, maintain that it is through intuition that we construct and maintain the basic elements of our world. Intuition connects us to our sense of space and time, our core identity, our inner knowing of the truth of things, and our relationship to beauty and goodness.

Virtually every profession distinguishes between the highly intuitive instincts of the genius as opposed to the merely competent performance of other professionals.

In many fields, including music, dance, drama, comedy, athletics, psychotherapy, financial management and marketing, the key factor that distinguishes great intuitive genius is that of timing.

When we are connected intuitively, our whole being is fully engaged in the awareness of the nuances and rhythms of our relevant activities, both internal and external.

Intuition is an exquisite sensitivity within our deepest being, to the pulses of life’s energies. From this point of view, intuition is the connective link with higher spiritual forces.

In order to access intuition, it is necessary to turn your vision inward. Insight.

It means you must begin the exploration process to discover and uncover your core need for spiritual sustenance. Soul food.

Where are you going? Why so fast? What sustains you when all else fails? What is your natural timing and tempo? Do you allow yourself to savor your life experiences? Are you ever satisfied?

Who are you? What are your core needs? Are you owning, honoring and living by your values? Are you even aware of what your values and needs are? How can you attune to the beauty, wonder and basic goodness in your life?

When our lives are moving at breakneck speeds and our eyes are rigidly locked on future external goals, we miss the subtleties and nuances of life. We cannot connect with our inner guidance or resources because we’ve opted for life in the fast lane.

We are busy freeway driving through the labyrinth of our minds and hearts and then we are stuck with lives that ‘aren’t too pretty but we make great time.’

Perhaps it is high time to make new choices. Choices that bring the opportunity to connect with the exquisite sensitivity residing within your deepest being.

Choices that connect you to the pulses of life’s energies. Choices that assist you to discover and uncover those attitudes and behaviors that nurture and expand your soul growth.


Susan lives locally and is the author of “Beyond Intellect: Journey Into the Wisdom of Your Intuitive Mind.” Reach her at: susanvelasquez.com


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