Diamond Resorts Sparkles Against UPS, 15-1

By Shelley Detweiler, Little League Correspondent

From left, back row: Jaden Cloobeck, Sam Reynolds, Manager Mike Reynolds, Kelly Smith, Jake Levine, Kolton Freeman, Sam Burgi, Coach Dan Freeman and Zach Bonnin; front row, Lance Detweiler, Cole Fredlow, Theo Michael, Enzo Sadler and Guy Thomas. Photo by Shelley Detweiler

Dreams of big hits and double plays came true at Riddle Field during a recent game between Diamond Resorts International and The UPS Store.

The UPS Store started by loading up the bases with Will Clark, James and Tim Loughlin. Though Diamond Resorts pitcher Cole Fredlow struck out two more batters, Lucas Blow earned an RBI as UPS’s Clark crossed home. But then quick infielding from second baseman Kelly Smith to Sam Burgi on first made the third out to end the inning.

Diamond Resorts Lance Detweiler singles and steals second, Sam Burgi singles to first, and then Kolton Freeman jacks one 10 feet over the centerfield fence for his first home run at Riddle Field. Cole Fredlow and Guy Thomas continued to load the bases, but UPS’s infield kept them from advancing.

At the top of the second, Diamond Resorts put Fredlow on the mound again. He walked the first batter, but got him out trying to steal second and caught a pop-fly from the next at bat for the second out. He struck out the following batter for out number three.

At bat again, Diamond Resorts’ Sam Reynolds is walked to first. Then Kelly Smith has a strong hit, but fielder’s choice gets Reynolds for the first out. Zack Bonnin gets on base with a grounder, and then Theo Michael gets walked to first. Jaden Cloobeck earns an RBI as Smith comes home. Detweiler brings in Bonnin, and Burgi brings in Michael. The score is now 6 – 1, bases loaded, when Kolton Freeman smacks one over the Riddle Field scoreboard for a grand slam. The players greeted him at home and the fans went wild. Little League is all about moments like these.

The bottom of the third inning, Fredlow earned a triple with his hit to right field. The UPS Store’s pitcher did a great job striking out two more players, but Diamond Resorts rallied back as Jake Levine earned an RBI for bringing in Fredlow. Sam Reynolds and Kelly Smith loaded the bases. Zach Bonnin then hit one down the line and brought in two more players.

The fourth inning saw big hits from UPS players. However, a tight infield saw Freeman on third throwing the out to Burgi on first, Enzo Sadler ignoring the sun-in-his-eyes to catch a pop-fly in centerfield, and pitcher Guy Thomas throwing to Burgi on first for the final out. Diamond Resorts finished the inning by bringing home two more players to end the game 15-1.



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