Living in the Spirit of Thanksgiving


Can gratitude foster happiness? Yes, but how? Gratitude forces the spotlight on something – anything – that is positive. An imbalanced focus on the burdens of life, work, family, school, finances or the upcoming holidays can produce fretting, dissatisfaction and brooding.


By contrast, when we recognize one simple pleasure in our day, reflect on what we have rather than what we lack, or when we acknowledge connection and love from family and friends, we stimulate equilibrium in our thoughts and awaken feelings of gratitude. These feelings, in turn, help to nurture instances of happiness in our lives.


In Laguna Beach, we find ourselves in one of the most beautiful spots on earth. So take a second to see our surroundings, contemplate our blessings and give thanks for just being right here, right now. Feel gratitude, the happy attitude!


Joan Mounteer, Laguna Beach



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