The Brooks Turns 50, Finally

Travis Booth

Travis Booth

Started in 1955 by the Laguna Beach Recreation Department and billed as the world’s longest running surfing contest, the Brooks Street Surfing Classic finally turned 50 last weekend after a two-year break due to poor surf conditions. “We had a great swell all weekend,” said Brandy Faber, who took over as lead organizer of the event after the 2010 retirement of rec department supervisor Ron Lutz.

Faber put out the word that the 50th Brooks was on shortly after dawn on Saturday, when 6’-8’ southern swells began rolling in from second reef just south and west of Brooks Street beach. It was the earliest Brooks Street event ever, after organizers opened the official waiting period several weeks early to take advantage of early-season storms.

The waves for Sunday’s finals were down a bit from Saturday’s peak, but there was still enough overhead action to make it interesting for the riders and the crowd. Former pro Alisa Cairns won the women’s division, while Hans Hagen took home the top prize in the men’s pro/am.

Mike Morrissey

Mike Morrissey

Tyler Cassil was given the Cy Chambers award for academics, sportsmanship and surfing ability, while Victor Pakpour earned the Thom Chambers award for his artistic flair.

The two-day locals-only contest drew more than 150 entrants in 13 divisions, including a newly added girls 13 and under division. And though the boys 13 and under and grand masters 50 and over divisions saw a bump in total entrants, the overall numbers were down from the 229 who came out in 2009 for the 48th Brooks, when historic waves ended an earlier three-years hiatus.


Jeff Booth

Jeff Booth

More results:


  1. Ron Sizemore
  2. James Henry
  3. Ted Taylor
  4. River Myers
  5. German Ruiz
  6. George Vittolo

Girls 15 & Under

  1. Kayla Coscino
  2. Clarie Kelly
  3. Megan Mathews

    Mike Morrissey

    Mike Morrissey


  1. Alisa Cairns
  2. Leah Pakpour
  3. Camille Borges
  4. Bonnie Bebko
  5. Alison Hecht


  1. Porter Hogan
  2. David Skarman
  3. David Vanderveen
  4. Peter Basich
  5. Craig DePfyffer


Bobby Chapman

Bobby Chapman


  1. Mike Klosterman
  2. Paul Cernich
  3. Hunter Schwirtz
  4. Jesse Fisher


  1. Jake Levine
  2. Kiko Nelsen
  3. Dante Madrigal
  4. Tyson Lockhart

Junior Men

  1. Michael Chapman
  2. Willy Hogan
  3. Toby Grierson
  4. Shane Chapman

    Michael Chapman

    Michael Chapman


  1. Eli Viszolay
  2. Porter Hogan
  3. Victor Pakpour
  4. Adam Mejia

Senior Men’s

  1. Bobby Chapman
  2. Brad Burdick
  3. Steve Manee
  4. Alex Mars


  1. Mike Morrissey
  2. Jason Watson
  3. Clayton Snyder
  4. Ryan Hitzel


Eli Viszolay

Eli Viszolay

Senior Masters

  1. Hans Hagen
  2. Jason Steris
  3. Erik Nelsen
  4. Sean Brown

Grand Masters

  1. Chris Allard
  2. Mark Macrae
  3. Scott Holt
  4. Brad Bright
  5. Peter Basich


  1. Hans Hagen – $1,000
  2. Jeff Booth – $500
  3. Jason Watson – $350
  4. Mike Morrissey – $150


Photos by Matt O’Brien

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