Artist at Work on 9/11 Tribute


Fitz Maurice, an artist with local roots, is currently painting a portion of a 500-foot tribute mural that is expected to travel the country, marking the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Maurice will be at work on a five-foot by 12-foot section of the mural through Jan. 15 in a temporary studio at the Old Pottery Place, which has donated the space. The Southern California vendor Fredrix Canvas Company is donating the canvas and Irvine-based supplier DaVinci Paint Company is providing the paint for the project.

Art Miles Mural Project director Laurie Brooks selected Maurice because she knows her work will be inspirational.

Maurice’s work, “The War of Human Rights,” was exhibited in 1993 at the United Nations World Conference in Vienna as the international symbol of human rights. Currently, her work is exhibited at the Essence Gallery in Laguna Beach.


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