Business of the Week: Luxury Road Detail Studio


Q&A With the Founders of Luxury Road Detail Studio

Learn why they are the shining example of auto detailing

PICTURED: Jeff Askew, Jen Askew and
Bryan Barr at the local beach cleanup
with Laguna Ocean Foundation and Hobie

Bryan Barr, Jennifer Askew and Jeff Askew started Luxury Road Detail Studio because of their passion for all things automotive and their skills in restoring many types of surfaces. With over 50 years of combined cleaning and restoration experience, they set out to provide a different take on automotive detailing in Laguna Beach. As California natives, they love being in a beautiful city and strive to keep it clean through their eco-friendly business format and helping with local cleanup efforts.

Q. How is Luxury Road Detail Studio different from a mobile detailer or car wash? A. All our customers have the choice of going to a $20 car wash, but they know they are going to get $20 results. High-end vehicles like luxury and sports cars are a substantial investment, and it makes sense that they should be treated with the best techniques and products. At Luxury Road Detail Studio, we detail all vehicles as if they were our own. Our passion for cars and detailing shows through every aspect of our business, from research to practices.

Q. Can you tell us a little more about what craft automotive detailing is?
A. We are a family business and not a part of any major brand or sponsor, therefore we get to create our own unique approach to detailing. Our fundamentals are always results-focused and not about how much time it takes to complete a task and move on to the next customer. We like to say it is a one-car-at-a-time experience or tailor-made to harness the full potential of the vehicle’s beauty. A lot of our process takes place in a studio surrounded by light panels. This allows us to see all of the imperfections on the surfaces.

Q. How is Luxury Road Detail Studio eco-friendly?
A. As a family we grew up on and around the ocean, seeing what impact society has on our coastline. When we started this business, we knew that our impact had to be as minimal as possible and even offset by our future actions (like local cleanups). Vehicles have toxic chemicals and dust that are deposited into the environment during cleaning. We use eco-friendly cleaning supplies and collect our water run-off so that it can be disposed of properly. This allows us to keep toxic brake dust and contaminants from being washed away later by the rain.

For more information, call 949.549.4365. 2181 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach. [email protected],

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