Caltrans Holds Canyon Road Improvement Plan Hearing

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While the city is busy with its high priced consultants trying to figure out the best language to place on the November ballot to tax us for undergrounding, and councilmembers are busy meeting with local community groups to advocate for higher taxes, Caltrans, in cooperation with the County of Orange, is proposing to underground approximately a mile of state owned highway 133 (Laguna Canyon Road) in the El Toro intersection area, with plans for drainage improvement, widened shoulders and a bike path, too, plus additional safety improvements.

Why is the city not sharing with this information with us?

Get informed and attend the Caltrans meeting at the Laguna Beach High School library on June 27 from 5-7 p.m. to learn more about this recent undergrounding project that doesn’t involve raising our taxes or floating a multi-hundred thousand dollar revenue bond that burdens our city with its largest ever debt.

Then tell me again why we should tax ourselves to underground a state highway we don’t own? And why are we being asked to tax everyone to underground local streets that improve the views and property values of just a few, with no regard for those who have already paid handsomely to underground their own neighborhoods?

Just announced, another budget surplus for the city. Why are we raising taxes again? Stop.

Jennifer Welsh Zeiter, Laguna Beach

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