Applications Open for Historic Preservation Ordinance Task Force

The City Council is accepting applications for the Historic Preservation Ordinance Task Force.

Newly Restored Painting Reveals Early Laguna

A work by early plein air artist William Griffith and never exhibited publicly before is on display at City Hall. It was donated by a great-grandson of a Laguna Beach homesteader.

Ancient Messenger Receives a Modern Makeover

By Susan Anderson, Special to the Independent Artist Annette Wimmer unveiled her latest work, “Mercury Rising,” among friends at a reception earlier this at her...

One Show Only for Greg Lyons Trio

Laguna local and percussionist Greg Lyons performs with David Pope and Matt Smiley at 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 12, at No Square Theatre, 384...

Mystery Surrounds Pastorius Sculpture

The widow of artist Hal Pastorius returns to Laguna Beach to look for his lost works and donate another to the Sawdust Festival, where he served as president.

Laguna Fest Dances Across the Natural World

“Biophony” may have entered into the lexicon of music, but not common usage. It describes the myriad sounds made by animals, from roaring lions...

Sculpting the Subconscious

“I don’t imitate life. I like to co-create life.” Within moments of speaking with local artist Jayne Reich, it is also clear she has experienced...

Subdued Paintings Summon a Quiet Experience

To most, the title “Pacific Ocean Paintings” would conjure the Impressionist seascapes hanging in local galleries by the hundreds. Marcia Hafif has a different take...

Artist Sets Out to Paint the Nation’s Parks

She’s been lugging her easel, canvas and oil paints through the Grand Canyon, Sequoia’s redwoods, Yosemite and the Channel Islands. Along the way, Fitz...

Artists Preserve a Culture Under Siege

By Robin Pierson, Special to the Independent Under the Taliban, Afghan artists were forced to stifle their creativity since even possessing works of art depicting...

Artist Finds Satisfaction in a Surprising Medium

When she is not making prints, she’s teaching art. When she’s not encouraging artistic expression among seniors, children and anyone in-between, she’s serving in...

Out of Chaos, Artist Finds Clarity

By Nadine B. Hoffman, Special to the Independent  When Torrey Cook showed up at her Laguna Beach gallery recently, she was shocked and delighted to...

Film Documents Laguna Beach from a Local’s Lens

In his tiny, crowded Laguna Beach studio, Douglas Miller produces two diminutive paintings per day. Small, they are nonetheless flawless likenesses of Laguna Beach’s...

Sea of Abstraction

German artist Jenny Simon and Seattle-based duo Stallman craft textured pieces heavily influenced by the water. Section by Ashley Ryan   JENNY SIMON The Signature Gallery Home base: Grew...

Resurrected Masterpieces

Sculptor Shamus Koch, formerly known as James Koch, brings new life to old objects. By Cheryl Pruett | Photos by Jody Tiongco   Growing up in a...