Chef donates to Laguna Food Pantry

Chef Alessandro Pirozzi and his team with a $5,000 check for Laguna Food Pantry. Photo courtesy of Laguna Food Pantry.

The Laguna Food Pantry recently accepted a $5,000 donation from Chef Alessandro Pirozzi, the owner of Alessa, Salerno, and Pirozzi restaurants.

Pantry Executive Director Anne Belyea said the donation arrived at a critical time due to the influx of food insecurity created by COVID-19.

“The difference between important and essential things has been manifested in the Laguna Food Pantry,” Pirozzi said in a prepared statement.When people need the real necessity of food like during these times of COVID-19, the Food Pantry is there to be one to provide the essential item. And though we hope not, we know that in times of need, they’re always there for us.”

Pirozzi added that the donation is the minimum his team can do to support the Laguna Food Pantry. He plans continue to support the Pantry and other charity organizations that help Laguna’s less fortunate community members.

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