Faux Paw art adds heart and whimsy to the Animal Wellness Center

Felix sits next to paintings by Laguna Beach artist Debby Carman at Animal Wellness Center of OC. Photo courtesy of Faux Paw Gallery

Laguna Beach artist Debby Carman’s whimsical designs of surfing dogs and a collection of paintings will be featured at a first-of-its-kind animal wellness and rehabilitation center in Orange County. The Costa Mesa-based Animal Wellness Center of OC offers a broad range of holistic and integrative therapies for pets.

Carman is known for her whimsical and unique pet artwork that aims to capture the heart and essence of pets and breeds.

“Our art elevates the healing atmosphere of Animal Wellness,” Carman said. “Faux Paw decorative wall art images will offer humor, levity, and a lighthearted sense of comfort.”

Some of the art set to be displayed at Animal Wellness is on consignment. A few custom paintings have been donated and all can be purchased. Carman is in the process of painting a mural for the reception area based a one of a kind drawing.

“Our treatments are designed to bring comfort and tranquility to your pet, calming their anxiety and giving you peace of mind,” said Barb West, Co-Founder of Animal Wellness Center of OC. “The creative flair of Debby Carman and the whimsical designs of dogs surfing (etc.) will be painted as murals throughout the Animal Wellness Center of OC bringing serenity to the guests.

The Animal Wellness Center of OC will have a well-equipped facility featuring separate treatment rooms, natural pet products, and an indoor pool for hydrotherapy and underwater treadmill. The Wellness Center opens this month by appointment only.

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