Children Injured in Drunk Mother’s Pile-up


Two young children were treated for minor injuries and taken to Orangewood Children’s Home after their mother was arrested following a collision last Saturday, Jan. 7,  that closed Laguna Canyon Road for more than two hours, according to police.


Abigail Wilson, 31, of Costa Mesa, was detained on multiple charges, including suspicion of felony drunk driving, child endangerment and possession of a controlled substance, said Sgt. Louise Callus.


Citizens reported an erratic driver heading into town about 8 p.m., but before officers arrived Wilson’s car had crossed into opposing traffic near Big Bend and hit another vehicle, Callus said. Her children ages 8, 7 and a third whose age is unknown were treated at a local hospital before being taken to Orangewood as no responsible person could take custody, she said. Their father resides in Arizona.


No details were provided about the driver of the vehicle hit by Wilson’s. Traffic was tied up for three hours.


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