Christoph’s Column Offers Sage Warning

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Ann Christoph is an amazingly thoughtful and effective writer about issues important to Laguna Beach. In her most recent column, she so gracefully connected the fate of the small Wisconsin town and her grandparents’ farm of her childhood to the current situation in Laguna Beach. She laments the travesty of those long-ago folks not realizing that if they move away or otherwise don’t take responsibility for the future of that charming, rural area, that it would become big box stores and chain restaurants. She warns us in Laguna that we, too, must protect the charm and beauty of our town from those forces that would focus on the new and the grand while our heritage and reputation as the town that’s charmingly different fades into a past. Let us not regret not having taken action, gone to meetings, and expressed our concerns about the town we love.


Anita Dobbs, Laguna Beach

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