Closing in on New View Rules


More than 60 people filled a room in the Community Center to capacity to participate in a committee meeting drafting a revised view ordinance in Laguna Beach on Tuesday.

Committee members first shared their observations about 11 sample sites they’d visited and how rules under consideration needed stronger enforcement tools to remedy conditions, where in all but one case, views were egregiously obstructed. In all cases the owners had attempted to negotiate with the tree owners and failed, despite numerous attempts, some going back years and years.

Committee members commented on different aspects of the proposed draft ordinance. Topics included how strictly to define views and where to establish a baseline (Time of purchase? When the lot was first developed?). Several people and at least one committee member said in creating a hierarchy of most important considerations, views should come first and trees second.

As few in the audience had read the draft ordinance, available online since Friday, April 12, the committee urged reconvening on April 30, and encouraged the public to e-mail their comments in advance if possible.

Committee members will all suggest their own edits to the draft and submit them to the secretary to be consolidated before the April 30 meeting.

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