Comrades, Comrades, Comrades

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Ann Christoph wrote last week that the “gardeners” of Laguna Beach were having difficulty finding affordable housing in Laguna Beach. She believes the city government should make “work force housing” a greater priority. She asked that we, the government, “make housing affordable for all members of our community.”

I say that is ridiculous and since her communal philosophy (i.e., communism) has long ago been proven a failure, I will focus on her real premise: rich people, bad; poor people, good.

The rich Airbnb loving landlord asking for rent… bad. The “gardener” having to give up “his” apartment and moving to that horrible cesspool called San Clemente…good.

I fail to understand why our living among rich people in LB somehow makes you and I lesser people. Why do we need to live among the lowly “teachers, artists, tradespeople, and salaried workers” (and I assume you also want to include maids, clerks, and real gardeners) to have a “complete community”?

So what would you label someone living in LB (i.e., rich) and yet finds it a “human tragedy” that you have to live among other rich people? Self-loathing rich people.


Bill Welch, Laguna Beach

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