Drive a Stake Through It



Concerning the Village Entrance project:  Why? Former Mayor Neil Fitzpatrick succinctly said it all at a meeting last month when he said he’d thought we’d driven a stake through the heart of that idea. The argument that we should get off the dime and finally pass this thing is specious; a bad idea remains a bad idea. Why should we pay better-spent megabucks on an ugly addition that will further clog an already congested area of town?

To my mind, this less than attractive part of Laguna could definitely use some landscaping improvement, but no matter how carefully disguised, a hugely expensive parking structure will subtract, not add, to our visual appeal.

As far as adding parking places, we have a number of alternatives which should be substituted for this centralized plan, not added to it! (And really, $325,000 per additional parking spot!?) We will never be able to add enough parking for all the visitors who might want to visit unless we pave over the whole town, and then what’s to visit? Any plan involving a parking structure in this downtown location should be jettisoned! Drive a stake through it!

Rosemary Boyd, Laguna Beach






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