Conversations with a grandchild.

The Perfect Gift

Richard Halle

What are you going to get Mommy for Mother’s Day?

She’s your Mother not mine.

She’s your Daughter though.


When it’s Daughter’s Day I’ll get her something.

Grampa you’re being prickly.

That’s what Daddy says

When everybody knows you’re being a butt.

Watch your language.

Everybody says that and

Don’t change the subject.

I think you should get Mommy a new i-Phone.

Oh? Gee who would get the one she has now?

For a lawyer, you’re having trouble staying on point.

You have to get Mommy a present and

I’ve just given you the perfect gift idea.

You should be grateful.

I should be appreciative that the bandit

Only took my wallet?

No. You should be thankful to have

A loving granddaughter

Who understands you.

What color i-Phone would she like?

Grampa Grant is Richard Hille, a long time Laguna Beach resident, a lawyer and urban planner who is the executive director of a charitable trust engaged in medical research. He has three grandchildren aged from 4 to 10 years.


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