End Labor Day Weekend Safely

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Most Californians commonly end their summer traveling to prime sites of our picturesque state on Labor Day weekend.

I was thankful to have a job when I was 16 in 1992, but a drunken driver hit me head-on when I was driving home from work.

I was seriously hurt: a coma, multiple broken and dislocated bones, paralysis, and brain injuries. For seven months, I stayed in two hospitals and then therapy for 17 months. Today, I cannot drive and my hearing, talking and walking are not perfect.

It is vital to make all aware how wrong it is to drive drunk.

Driving drunk can hurt you and the victim financially, physically and socially.  I surely know.  If drinking, please have a sober driver drive you.

With the upcoming holidays, do you want a date with your family and friends or a judge?


Lori Martin, Tracy, Calif.

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