Inconvenience Residents Less with Better Power Pole Protection

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Once again Laguna Canyon Road is closed because someone hit a power pole at Big Bend.  The same power pole that has been taken out the last three or four times (I am losing count at this point).

I am just wondering why it was so important to underground the electrical wires in an area of the road where the poles never get knocked over by errant drivers, yet in the one area where the pole gets repeatedly knocked over the power lines are still above ground. It just doesn’t make sense. 

And I understand that the police officers have a difficult job directing the traffic when the canyon gets shut down, but they could be more accommodating for those of us who need to take care of animals at businesses in the canyon. The accident was three-quarters of a mile away, yet we were stopped from going to work where dogs and cats needed feeding and medication. Sick pets were denied access to the vet hospital.  Animals that were scheduled for necessary surgery didn’t get it because the vets were not allowed in. 

My suggestion? How about putting in K rails to protect the power poles?

Stephanie Marshall, Laguna Beach

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