Following the Rule of Law

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I read Freidenrich’s opinion on DACA in the Sept. 8 LB Indy that inferred following the Rule of Law was “virtually impossible”.  Americans have faced and overcome daunting and overwhelming odds before to save the Republic.

In the late 1980’s we were promised by both political parties and various churches and human rights groups that if we gave a one-time amnesty, that then they would follow the Rule of Law regarding illegal immigration.  Also part of this agreement was that state and local jurisdictions would cooperate and work with federal authorities to stem the tide of illegal immigration.

Well, amnesty was given to millions, but the other end of the deal was not followed through.  So, now we are at a crossroads.  Millions of illegal residents live in California and we are short on water, short on electricity-facing blackouts, congested freeways and roadways-strewn with potholes, overcrowded hospitals and schools, to name some of the very significant issues.

The solution is following the law. The E-Verify program for employment, cooperation with federal authorities on ICE holds, requirements of citizenship to receive social services and other public subsidies, are a few of the common sense approaches that would then create an environment of self- deportation. Self-deportation would be accomplished by eliminating an environment of entitlement and instilling the values of respect for our country by following our laws.


R.T. Blixt, Laguna Beach

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