Support for Local Merchants

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Some years ago I wrote a letter to the Indy commenting on the excellent experience I had at Laguna Sunset Drugs here in Laguna.  With all the changes that have come about in Laguna–threats of another CVS on Broadway, business changes, businesses shuttering because of rent increases, etc., we must not lose our small pharmacies.

Billy, the pharmacist at Laguna Sunset Drugs, and his staff, continue to do a wonderful job–personal interest in me, kind, compassionate, helpful and professional. They have gone over and above their calling.  We just don’t need another big-chain pharmacy.

So let’s keep these wonderful small pharmacies and be grateful for them, and with them that small-town feeling here in Laguna.

Judi Patterson, Laguna Beach


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  1. Thank you, Judi,
    I appreciate our many small privately owned pharmacies. Big box retailers would drown our village charm and destroy our local merchants who have served our community with quality neighborhood resident serving businesses. Laguna should not be devoured by mega corporations.


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