Guard Against Special Interests in Canyon Projects



The moratorium that the city of Laguna Beach is considering is well needed! Thus far I have read comments from both sides. Some positive and others negative, what they all had in common are individual needs. Some have concerns about the temporary traffic inconveniences, while others don’t want any construction near them (the shelter in particular). And then there are others that will benefit financially in the construction or running said programs!

The city has to step back, and look at how these projects will benefit Laguna Beach, its residents and businesses, not individuals.

We are all here to share a way of life that we enjoy, want to maintain and protect. If our chosen representatives cannot come to an agreement on these matters, then I suggest the apparently unpopular idea of putting it to a local vote. Only people and businesses located and affected by these issues should have any voice on these matters, not individuals or businesses with their roots elsewhere, only hoping for financial gains.

Mayor Elizabeth Pearson’s article last week (“Mayor Provides a Snap Shot” May 16 edition) emphasizes the importance of businesses as well as tourism to finances and the well-being of Laguna Beach. To accomplish this we need to keep in mind what  travelers domestic or international enjoy about Laguna Beach.  Having homeless beggars on our streets, parks, sidewalks and beaches, some using profanities while others drunk and looking for trouble will not help tourism or business. While we need to help our own homeless, we should not be adding to the problem by building more facilities to attract more of them.

All of us have something to offer. Some a little while others a lot. Homeless like the rest of us, should be accountable, and responsible for themselves and for what they get, as well as contribute to our city instead of just taking from it. This will help in establishing their self worth, and respect, along with the road that will hopefully lead independence.

George Hayos, Laguna Beach

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