Will the Local’s Candidate Please Stand Up?



I hope that someone running for the upcoming City Council will do something radical and instead of being in favor of business or ocean conservation or the current politically correct flavor of the day or pander to their financial backers and just say, “Please, elect me because I am running to represent the people of Laguna Beach, the people who actually live here.” Imagine the courage that would take!

My feeling is that no one will. Instead we will get the same group of people just with (hopefully) different names wasting city money on “studies,” pushing agendas for groups that have them in their pockets.

This was demonstrated by the State of the City speech Mayor Pearson gave. She claims the village entrance parking structure was polarizing.  Another way to look at it was millions of dollars spent without a public vote for a structure that would have benefited the visitors to the August festivals and nothing else. Pearson, according to her, heeded the residents concerns and suggested the structure be removed from the project. Right!

This was a classic fight won by some very responsible and civic minded residents who felt the council had made yet another wrong decision and fought tooth and nail to table it.

Mayor Pearson also mentioned that how difficult parking was and how, “Everyone tells me what a pain it is to come to Laguna.” I wonder when the last time Mayor Pearson tried to find parking in Newport Beach or Corona or even further north to Venice Beach?  Parking is a problem faced by cities worldwide not just Laguna Beach. There may not be a solution.

Last week’s LB Indy had an announcement about an additional 258 homes being constructed 7.5 miles from Laguna Beach and that is just the beginning.

Our elected officials are not elected to find solutions for the ills of the world. They are elected to serve the people who live her and vote for them. Not restaurant chains or misguided social projects.

Laguna is a very special place and not a cash cow for developers and theme park operators.

We need telephone and power lines underground. We need a skatepark for young kids to have a place they can go without the danger of an automobile accident.  These are a few of the things the residents need. The residents who vote. Which candidate will carry the banner?

Mike Saitta, Laguna Beach

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