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By Patricia Truman

It was one of those moonlit, star-sparkly, clear cold December evenings in our lovely Laguna. Christmas at GrandPatty’s Bluebird Canyon home – gaily decorated with a delicious turkey aroma scenting the air – has become a family tradition. This particular year a holiday surprise is in store for all, with two great-grandsons especially in mind—Kingston and Huxley, my daughter Laural’s first grandchildren. These boys will bring the magic back to the holidays for all of us (a just-adults celebration can be a little lack luster!)

Having gone to the Sierra mountains with family, a time of no Wi-Fi or outer bombardment, there was a lot of gardening and visiting ‘estate’ sales. Amid a treasure trove of households leaving this mountain area we found a splendid, complete Santa Claus outfit – boots, glasses, jingle bells, beard, cap, etc. An idea was hatched. We enlisted a single Laguna man friend, not known to the rest of the family, who was delighted to be the star of our special holiday surprise.

Prior to our feast with all the favorite food, the doorbell rang and, to the complete astonishment of all, Santa entered with appropriate ‘HO HO Hos,’ jingling bells and a sack on his back. A stunned silence fell for a few moments in the crowded living room filled with packages, people and wide-eyed little boys. The excitement broke loose as Santa asked Kingston and Huxley if they had been good boys? “Yes” was the response – in unison. Out came a package for each, and soon everyone’s name was called with a small gift. It was such fun for all!

Gazing around the animated room, and realizing Christmas was not just for 

children, each adult had dancing eyes and a look of delight on their beaming faces. My 

heart flooded with true Christmas joy at the privilege of giving a memorable moment 

now etched upon each of our hearts.

Yes, GrandPatty, there really is a Santa, even in Laguna!  

Patty Truman is a writer whose Laguna Santa memories transform her adult body into the spirit of a child.

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