Impact Should Factor in Coast Inn Decision

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I believe that everyone in Laguna Beach would like to see the Coast Inn restored to its former glory. It is currently an eyesore in this town.

But to the supporters of Chris Dornin’s proposed development, I have a few questions:  Do you know the details of what is being proposed? 332 bar/restaurant seats (200 more than previously approved) plus 24 hotel rooms and not one single parking place, which means hundreds of cars will need to park in the surrounding neighborhood every day, and possibly more when multiple events are held at the various venues.

Do you know that the Boom Boom Room is not even mentioned in the plans? The name of that space has been changed–and there is no dance floor. Have you considered the increased traffic and public safety issues that will result from this intensification of use? Does our town really need to attract more tourists (last year 6 million people visited Laguna) and should the goal of attracting tourists be put ahead of the residents’ quality of life?

Did you know that the hotel will look nothing like the historic photos, but rather the design is based on an artist’s rendering?  Did you know that Mr. Dornin, the owner/developer of the Coast Inn, fought against the rooftop deck on Mozambique because he lived in the surrounding neighborhood and therefore, as a resident, would be adversely affected?

In his statements to Planning Commission and City Council, Mr. Dornin raised the exact issues as those who currently oppose the intensification of use of his Coast Inn development: parking, traffic, noise, public safety, view, aesthetics, light trespass, and loss of property value in the surrounding neighborhood.  (Video of his testimony at PC and CC can be viewed on the Laguna Beach City website.)

Of course Mr. Dornin has the right to change his position on rooftop decks, but that does not change the impacts and issues of which he is well aware. Would you support the development of this “entertainment complex” if your home was in the neighborhood around the Coast Inn?

Please know that I respect everyone’s opinion and their right to support or oppose this project.  For the record, my opinion is that the Coast Inn should be restored to its previous use, but the design and the intensification of use should be denied at Tuesday’s City Council meeting, Jan. 23.

Terry Meuer, Laguna Beach

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  1. Based on all the false news and including your incorrect “facts”, I feel we are living in Washington DC.
    If the City council does not approve the Coast Inn project, there will remain the “Grandfather Conditional Uses” that are greater than the proposed project which reduces the numbers.
    If the City Council turns down their remodel project,The owners will continue to operate the hotel and they will reopen the disc club which will have greater impact than the new remodelled hotel and restraurant.
    All the opposition people do not recognize the City Council has no authority to take away the current CUP numbers.
    The owner is born and raised in Laguna Beach who seems to really care about our town vs. the previous owner.
    Big mistake by the opposition that they do not understand the grandfathered CUP numbers.


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