Julie Laughton Design Build: A One-Stop Shop Success Story

Julie Laughton
Julie Laughton


If you live in Laguna Beach, you have undoubtedly seen the work of Julie Laughton Design Build. Not only has Julie built and remodeled countless homes from the oceanfront to the hilltops, she has also made it the homebase for her custom building firm for over two decades. From vintage to historical styles, she is proud to have contributed to the timeless architecture of Laguna. As a Board Member and President Elect of the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce, she is very involved in supporting the local community.  

Julie, what is it about Laguna Beach that made you choose to start your business here? I was drawn to the small town feel and the endless opportunity to work on vintage homes. I also love being near the salt air. It’s refreshing and recharges my energy.    

You have always been aware of the latest trends. Tell us what is popular in kitchen remodeling. Cleaner lines, refined style, and a timeless look are the popular statements being made today. The kitchen is the center of the home where we spend a lot of time, so it needs to be not only beautiful but functional.    

With so much gorgeous weather in Southern California, what are the ways you make indoor and outdoor living seamless? By adding patio covers and continuing the color of the flooring materials outside, you create the illusion that the indoor is now part of the outdoors.   

How does being both the designer and general contractor benefit the homeowners you work with? As both the designer and contractor, I am a one-stop shop Design Build service and the client only has to deal with one person throughout the process.    

With over 500 remodels under your belt, what are the keys to a successful project? The keys are planning and communication. My motto is: It all starts with a good plan. Without proper plans there are no guidelines to follow. I work with the homeowner one on one from conception to completion to develop the overall look and detail all the specifications.  

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